Usage Health & Safety



Please note that within these terms and conditions The Link at Sandbach School is referred to as “the school”, and the hirer, group or individual is referred to as “the hirer”.


1. School events always take precedence over external hiring and therefore, regular bookings may be affected from time to time.

2. The facilities must not be used for any purpose other than as agreed with the School.

3. All Hirers must be responsible for any loss, damage or injury caused as a result of use of the Facilities, and agrees by signing the Application Form to indemnify the School in respect thereof.

4. Before any bookings can be confirmed, the Hirer must provide copies of:

a. Proof of insurance

b. Activity risk assessments

c. Child Protection Policy (youth clubs or groups only)

d. Accident and Emergency procedures.

5. Invoices are prepared monthly in arrears and must be cleared in full within 14 days of presentation.

6. The School has a no smoking policy, which applies to all Hirers in all areas of the School.

7. The person in whose name the booking is made on behalf of the Hirer (if a Club or organisation) will be responsible for the behaviour of all persons using the facilities including children, families and spectators.

8. The facilities must be vacated promptly at the expiry of the agreed time.

9. Cars and other vehicles are only to be parked in the designated car parks unless so directed otherwise by School staff.

10. The user is obliged to give adequate notice when cancelling a booking, otherwise a cancellation fee may be charged at the School’s discretion.

11. The School will endeavour to provide appropriate notice when facilities become unavailable for whatever reason. Any fee prepaid will be refunded. The Hirer accepts that no other claims may be made arising from such unavailability.

12. All regular bookings will be reviewed in August each year when users can re-apply for the Facilities for the following year.

13. Access through School grounds and buildings to the booked Facilities are granted to the Hirer, in common with others so authorised and on the strict understanding that no damage or nuisance is caused to the School and/or its Equipment.

14. The use of the Facilities is at all times subject to the discretion of the School, who may refuse use of any of the Facilities at any time without stating a reason.

15. The School is represented by the Business Manager and her Staff and those authorised by her.

The Hirer acknowledges and accepts that use of the Facilities is at all times to be strictly in accordance with instructions given by her or them even if they are or appear to be at variance with these Terms & Conditions.

16. In signing the Application Form the Hirer accepts the use of the Facilities subject to these Terms & Conditions.


Health and Safety

1. All hirers must observe health and safety regulations and familiarise themselves with the Risk Assessment pertinent to the facilities used.

2. All Hirers must provide their own activity risk assessments.

3. Any injuries or illnesses sustained by a member of a Hirer group must be reported promptly to School staff

4. Persons suffering with known illnesses or disabilities are only allowed to use the Facilities at the discretion, risk and responsibility of the Hirer and/or School Staff whose decision is final.


Facility Rules and Regulations

AstroTurf Pitch (STP)

1. Only trainers or specific AstroTurf footwear are permitted on the pitch, no studs or blades.

2. Spectators are to remain outside the fenced area of pitch.

3. Teams are to ensure that matches following their booking are not delayed by extending their use of the pitch beyond the contracted time.

4. Food and drink is not to be taken on to the STP.

5. All litter must be placed in the bins provided.

6. When using transportable goals, these must be secured using the hooks and weights provided.

7. Football clubs are given permission to use the STP on the understanding that, if not already in possession, they seek to achieve FA Charter Standard status.


Swimming Pool

1. All swimming pool activities are to be strictly supervised as follows :


a) are to be in attendance at poolside at all time

b) must be qualified to “The Royal Life Saving Society” ,National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ) standard, current within 2 years and have completed regular ongoing training,  or the equivalent for sub-aqua instructors

c) must remain on the poolside and are not to take part in activities in the water

2. Overshoes must be worn on entering the poolside and changing rooms by all persons.

3. Food and drink is not to be taken into the pool area.

4. There is an emergency telephone situated in the pool gallery area on the notice board.

5. Hazard signs, e.g. no diving, no running, water depth are there to warn of dangers and to be observed.

6. The emergency sounder and flashing light is situated near to the office window. It is to be used in an emergency, i.e. a swimmer in difficulty, to alert all swimmers in the water. On hearing the alarm all swimmers must leave the water.

7. Any personal property left behind in changing rooms will be placed on the lost property cages in the gallery area.

Sports Hall

1. Benches are not to be used to blank off doorways or emergency exits.

2. When playing ball sports, the ball must be kept to below shoulder height.

3. Food and drink is not to be taken into the Sports Hall.

4. When using transportable goals, these must be secured using the chains and hooks provided.

5. The store cupboard is strictly out of bounds to community use and will be locked in the evenings.

6. Care must be taken when opening and closing Cricket nets. Any damage i.e rips, tears must be made aware to staff.

7. Non marking shoes/trainers must be used at all times.

Dance and Drama Studios

1. No food and drink must be taken into either of the Studios.

2. Correct footwear must be worn in the Studios, no street shoes allowed.

3. The Hirer agrees to be out of the Studio by the agreed time, leaving the space clean and arranged as it was found.

4. Any spillages or damage caused to the floor must be made aware to duty staff.

5. The sound and lighting equipment is not for use of Community bookings. The curtains must be used with care.

6. Pre-approval of sound systems i.e stereos, laptops coming into the Studios must be stated in your additional needs section on the booking application.