Knitting wool and needles on white background

Knit and Natter with Jane

Knit and Natter with Jane: Wednesday Evenings, Sandbach School, 7-9pm, beginning 23rdNovember 2016  FREE!

  • Are you an experienced knitter who would enjoy chatting and sharing ideas & experience with like-minded people over coffee and cake?
  • Would you like some help with the ‘tricky’ bits of the pattern you are working on?
  • Would you like to learn how to knit in a very informal and supportive group? We can get you started with wool and needles and as much help as you need.

About Jane:JH

I have been knitting for more than 40 years, taught by my Gran,  who was brilliant at picking up my dropped stitches and doing the casting on and off for me!

Since that time I have become a fanatical knitter and knitting has become part of every day of my life. For me the process of knitting has become as important as the item I ultimately produce. Knitting is fabulous (and portable!) relaxation therapy and has helped me through some anxious and stressful periods of my life. The simple rhythm of making the stitches never fails to sooth and relax me.

I have learned that I like to make simple things well, using the best quality wool and needles I can afford. That means mostly baby blankets and baby cardigans and jumpers that are knit in one piece.

Today knitting is very much about ‘handmade’ rather than ‘homemade’ with amazing yarns in every colour you can imagine. My mother knitted my school jumpers because it was cheaper than buying them. I knit for my sons because I can create something unique for them, putting my love into every stitch.

Whatever your experience with 2 needles and a ball of wool please come and join me.  I would love to share my passion for knitting, and the many benefits it can bring. I hope I will also be able to pick up some hints and tips from you along the way!

PLEASE NOTE: Anyone who wants to come along and learn to knit from scratch, please let us know in advance, so that we can ensure that we have enough wool & needle sets available.