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introduction to Photography one day workshop 29/04/2017

Steve Watts is our Photography tutor at community learning. He has been running successful classes for a number of years. His latest class has recently had work on display at Keele university. They have each produced some excellent work.


This one day workshop is for anyone that wishes to understand the ‘basics’ of photography and how their camera works.

A great opportunity for you to gain ‘hands on’ photography and technical knowledge conveyed by Steve Watts who has been teaching photography for a number of years. He is a professional photographer who enjoys passing on his knowledge and experience to others in a relaxed and fun way.

***Please note:  You will need to bring your own refreshments and lunch to this one day workshop***

This one day workshop is a good stepping stone to joining Steve’s Photography for Beginners course which will be an evening course offered in September 2017.  The September course starts from ‘scratch’ and guides you through each step of using your equipment whether it’s a compact, bridge or an SLR camera. You will be working your way through the meaning of all the dials on your camera; auto modes, program mode, A.S and M modes, camera flash and develop a good understanding of composition.

Many past students have gone on to exhibit their photographs in competitions and several have moved in to Professional Photography posts so whatever your ambitions in Photography this is the perfect place to start.

Feedback received from Steve’s students:

“I’ve learnt so much about photography on this course and I thank Steve for taking the time to help me when I have been struggling.”

“Very knowledgeable tutor, good individual advice.”

“I gained confidence using my camera.  I learnt everything I had hoped and more.”

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