Sqaure Slimmingworld

Slimming World Mondays 7.30pm

Slimming World meet here every Monday evening in the Refectory at 7.30pm. These classes are run by Nickie, she offers support and guidance on your weight loss journey.

Slimming world uses a tried method of food optimising, no food is off limits just the amount needs to be monitored. You can still sit with your family and enjoy favourites such as roast dinner, spaghetti bolognese no more cooking two different meals. The plan is easy to follow and most things can just be eaten without weighing and measuring.

At Slimming World you meet like minded people, nobody stares. We all have our own demons to overcome and in Nickie’s classes you can face these with support and encouragement to help achieve your goal. It doesn’t happen over ┬ánight and some reach their goal quicker than others but that’s OK. Even the best of us can have a family gathering and a little slip up, what we need to understand is that no one judges us but ourselves so get back to class put it behind you and carry on. Your weight is never disclosed in class.

Nickie is a slimming world success so can give first hand advice on your journey and guidance along the way.

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