Booking Terms and Conditions

Use of facilities by external groups & users

​Please note that within these terms and conditions The Link at Sandbach School is referred to as “the school” and the hirer, group or individual is referred to as “the hirer”.

• School events always take precedence over external hiring and therefore regular bookings may be affected from time to time.
• The facilities must not be used for any purpose other than agreed with the school. Only facilities agreed on the hirer booking form are to be used.
• All hirers must be responsible for any loss or damage or injury caused as a result of use of the facilities and agrees, by signing the booking form, or emailing to confirm, to indemnify the school in respect thereof.
• Before any block bookings can be confirmed, the hirer must provide copies of:
o Proof of insurance
o Completed and signed booking form
o Safeguarding Policy (youth groups or clubs only)
o Accident/emergency procedures and any risk/method statements as required
• Invoices are prepared monthly in arrears and must be cleared in full with 14 days of presentation.
• Failure to pay invoices on time may result in the school refusing entry to the facilities for future bookings until payment has been made.
• The school has a no smoking policy which applies to all hirers and their clients in all areas of the school.
• The person in whose name the booking is made on behalf of the hirer (if a club or organisation) will be responsible for the behaviour of all persons using the facilities including children, families and spectators.
• The facilities must be vacated promptly at the end of the agreed time. An extra fee may be charged if the hirer exceeds their booking slot.
• Cars parked in the car park and all contents in them are your responsibility and we will not accept and liability for loss or damage to them.
• Cars and other vehicles are only to be parked in the designated car parks unless so directed otherwise by school staff. The disabled bays are only to be used by blue badge holders.
• The user is obligated to give adequate notice when cancelling a booking otherwise a cancellation fee may be charged at the school’s discretion. If the hirer fails to show up for their booking slot then the full cost of this booking will be charged.
• The school will endeavour to provide appropriate notice when facilities become unavailable for whatever reason. Any fee prepaid will be refunded. The hirer accepts that no other claim may be made arising from such unavailability.
• All regular bookings will be reviewed in August each year when users can re-apply to use the facilities for the following year.
• Access through the school grounds and buildings to the booked facilities are granted to the hirer, in common with others so authorised and on the strict understanding that no damage or nuisance is caused to the school and/or its equipment.
• The use of the facilities is at all times subject to the discretion of the school who may refuse use of any of the facilities at any time without stating a reason.
• The school is represented by the Director of Finance and his staff.
• The hirer acknowledges and accepts that use of the facilities is at all times to be strictly in accordance with instructions given by him or his staff even if they are or appear to be at variance with these terms and conditions
• In signing the booking form, or emailing to confirm, the hirer accepts the use of the facilities subject to these terms and conditions.
• Please note that the school is a no dog site. The walking or exercising of dogs is strictly prohibited.

The Link has a zero tolerance approach to unacceptable verbal and physical behaviour directed towards staff and customers. Behaviour that is regarded as unacceptable includes but is not limited to:
• Excessive shouting;
• Swearing;
• Harassment;
• Bullying;
• Discrimination;
• Threats.
Any unacceptable behaviour will be taken very seriously and may result in the immediate ejection from the School and the permanent exclusion of offenders. The police will also be called as appropriate.
Health and Safety
• All hirer must observe health and safety regulations and familiarise themselves with the rules and regulations pertinent to the facilities used.
• All hirers must provide their own activity risk assessments.
• Any injuries or illnesses sustained by a member of a hirer group must be reported promptly to school staff. Duty officer contact numbers are 01270 758886 (office hours) or 07807 517413 (out of hours)
• Persons suffering with known illnesses or disabilities are only allowed to use the facilities at the discretion, risk and responsibility of the hirer and/or school staff whose decision is final.
Customer Care
We provide the community with convenient access to a range of activities for health, well-being and enjoyment. As such our aim is to provide a quality service and to provide staff that care about the customers.
In order to achieve these high standards The Link aim to create an environment where customers can expect:
• A facility that is clean, attractive and a pleasant place to visit.
• Clearly identified, friendly and professional staff that can help you get the most enjoyment and benefit from your visit.
• A safe and secure environment.
• Up to date and accurate information to keep you informed of our programme.
• A reliable value for money service, and opportunities to comment on the quality and effectiveness of our service.
As part of our commitment to achieve these high standards, we will:
• Serve every customer with courtesy, effectiveness and efficiency.
• Ensure that all telephone bookings and general calls are answered promptly and in a caring friendly manner.
• Provide an appointed Duty Manager at all public opening times to deal with all matters of concern to our customers.
• Keep our customers informed and regularly monitor satisfaction with our service.
• Provide a comments system for customers to express their comments, thoughts, suggestions and opinions on service issues. These will be reviewed at Management level and responded to within an appropriate timescale.
• Never forget that it is our customers who are the focus of our business.

Facility Rules and Regulations
Astro Turf Pitch (ATP)
• Only trainers or specific ATP footwear are permitted on the pitch – no studs, blades, or moulds.
• 5-a-side goals are provided for hirers for football. The hockey goals must not be used for football and hirers found using the hockey goals inappropriately may be refused future use of the facility.
• Spectators are to remain outside the fenced area of the pitch.
• Teams are to ensure that matches following their booking are not delayed by extending their use of the pitch beyond the contracted time.
• Food is not to be taken on to the ATP. Water in a sports bottle is allowed.
• All litter must be placed in the bins provided.
• All hirers must be considerate of other users of the ATP and should behave in a way that does not offend others at all times.
Swimming Pool
• All swimming pool activities are to be strictly supervised as follows:
o Lifeguards and/or qualified swimming teacher and/or coaches are to be in attendance on poolside at all times.
o There must be at least one qualified lifeguard and one level 2 swim teacher/coach on poolside at all times (this cannot be the same individual).
o Lifeguards must be qualified to “The Royal Life Saving Society” National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ) standard, current within 2 years and have completed regular ongoing training (or equivalent for sub-aqua instructors);
o Swimming teachers and/or coaches must hold a minimum of the National Rescue Award for Swimming Teachers and Coaches (NRASTC) or be working towards obtaining the qualification.

• Overshoes must be worn on entering poolside and changing rooms by all persons.
• Food and drink (with the exception of water) is not to be taken into the pool hall area.
• There is an emergency telephone situated in the pool office. This can be used via the sliding window (dial 9 for an outside line). A radio can also be found here – please use channel 11 for the Duty Manager.
• Hazard signs e.g. no diving, no running, water depths are there to warn of dangers and must be observed at all times.
• The emergency sounder and flashing light is situated near to the office window. It is to be used in an emergency i.e. a swimmer in difficulty to alert all swimmers in the pool hall. On hearing the alarm all swimmers must leave the water.
• Any personal property left behind in the changing rooms will be placed on the lost property shelves in the gallery area.
Swimming hygiene, Health and Safety
• If you or your child has had diarrhoea in the last 14 days, please do not use the swimming pool.
• If you or your child has vomited in the last 24 hours, has had a tummy upset or is suffering with a cold virus, then please do not use the swimming pool.
• If you become aware that you or your child has a verruca, please obtain treatment available from a pharmacist, try to keep it covered and avoid walking barefoot in the shower or changing room areas.
• Inform a lifeguard or your swimming teacher if you have any medical conditions we should know about. Do not swim if you are feeling unwell.
• It is advisable not to swim on a full stomach. It is recommended to wait at least one hour before swimming.
• Please use the toilet before entering the pool.


Family Swimming
• Parents and guardians are responsible for supervising their children at all times whilst in the facility.
• A child under the age of 8 years must be directly supervised in the swimming pool by parent or carer aged 18 or over.
• No more than two children aged 4 to 7 years may be supervised by one parent or carer aged 18 or over.
• Children under the age of 4 must be supervised by parent or carer aged 18 or over on a one to one basis.
• The above restrictions may be relaxed for some controlled, programmed sessions.
• If you are in any doubt about our admission policy, please contact us to avoid disappointment.
• We recommend all non-swimmers use armbands and/or an appropriate buoyancy aid and remain in the shallow end.
Sports Hall
• Benches are not to be used to block off doorways or emergency exits.
• When playing ball sports, the ball must be kept to below shoulder height.
• Food is not to be taken into the sports hall. Water in a sports bottle is allowed
• The store cupboards are strictly out of bounds to community use and will be locked in the evenings.
• Care must be taken when opening and closing the cricket nets. Any damage i.e. rips or tears must be reported to staff.
• Non-marking shoes/trainers should be worn at all times.
• Cricket net bookings must ensure they return the cricket mats to the trolley in the far end cupboard at the end of the session.
Dance and Drama Studios
• No food must be taken into either of the studios. Water is permitted in a sports bottle.
• Correct footwear must be worn in the studios.
• The hirer agrees to be out of the studio at the agreed time, leaving the space clean and arranged as it was found.
• Any spillages or damage caused to the floor must be reported to a member of staff.
• The sound and lighting equipment is not for community bookings. The curtains must be used with care.
• Pre-approval of sound systems i.e. stereos and laptops coming into the studios must be stated in your additional needs section.
Cricket pavilion
• No cricket spikes are to be worn in the pavilion as this will damage the floor.
• When using the facilities after hours, both pavilion changing room doors must be locked using the key that is provided. This key must then be posted through the main reception doors’ letter box.
First Aid
• All hirers should ensure they have adequate first aid cover for the duration of their booking.
• First aid boxes are located around site with portable ones available from the first aid room on poolside and from The Link office.
• There are 3 defibrillators available on site. The 2 most accessible ones during Link opening hours are in the poolside first aid room (in a clear plastic box) and one which is situated in a yellow box on the external wall of the ladies swimming pool changing rooms. The code to access this defibrillator is 1960.
Bookings made at any time of the year will be subject to the prevalent price list charged by the school at the date/time of the facility use taking place.